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So….I have been thinking about design and what I have been up to in the last year.  One of my new patterns that I released in February of this year was the Retro Granny Skirt formula!  I was inspired by a skirt made out of Men’s 501 Levis.  Everyone has done it starting back in the 60s.  I really wanted to give sewers the ability to make a great fitting skirt that shows their body.  I have loved Men’s Levi 501s since I was in high school.  I totally dug patching them back then.  I use to take the side seam out so that I could top-stitch all the patches on at once.

Now, I love the idea of upcycling…going to Value Village to shop…I am amazed at what can be found there!!  I have found a great selection of 501s.  It is so yummy to find well-worn pocket edges…a wallet worn spot on the back pocket… holes in the knee! fabulously authentic finishes,  and the best part is the button-up fly!!! 

So, I came up with this idea to make a fitted skirt with the side ruffle panels, and big slits in the front and back so that walking is easy.  The pattern also includes instructions to make a just below the knee length skirt too. 

This is the long version, I used 10 different fabrics for the ruffles!

I used 6 fabrics for the shorter skirt!!  FYI,  both these are from the French General Collection by Moda Fabrics.  The French General fabric line is designed by Karri Meng for United notions.  Karri was inspired by vintage french linens in designing this collection!

Hey, gotta give a shout out to my girl Steph for being the best model around!   A gazillon thank-yous!

I love how the skirt came out…but like any fussy designer, and I feel there is room for improvement.  I am thinking about this as i will becoming up with a more bohemian version of the Retro Granny Skirt.  I am thinking a lot of deconstruction is in order……..yes, yes…unfinished edges….to be continued…

Check out the super cool adventures in dressmaking blog by my new sewing friend Suzannah!  I just became a sponsor on her blog, and we are doing a Paradiso Designs pattern giveaway, just leave a comment on her blog dated June 16th, 2010.

have a great Sunday…if it is raining just remember Raining=Sew Rama Baby!!


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I have been away for so long, but only because I have been so busy working at my pattern line, and teaching!!  So I thought that I would give you a glimpse of what I have been up to!  I am feeling very grateful to be doing things that I love!   I get to teach kidos how to design and sew!!

Look at what I made!!
Lia proudly shows her new pillow case that she just made with her best friend Hanna, and Genny the sewing dog!!

I have been creating wall hangings from chain, hand blown beads, & clay art!


This is the skirt I designed to make out of ruffle material! Audrey Hepburn is alive and well!!

Can you believe that this use to be a pair of mens jeans??

I have been designing new patterns, like the Retro Granny Skirt seen here. This skirt was made and upcycled from a pair of mens levi 501 jeans. I also designed and made the necklace too!

 And now I am working on a sewing project book…I will give you a peek now and again!! 

FYI, this will take you to my website to purchase patterns…clicking http://www.paradisodesigns.com/

you can become a friend of Paradiso Designs on Facebook now, and you can follow me on Twitter too @asewingdiva

I teach a gazillon classes…there are classes for adults and Summer Sew Camp for the Kidos..schroll down to check it out!  Email me at paradisodesigns@comcast.net to enroll!!







 Kid’s Sew Camp                                                 Jr/SrHigh School  Sew Camp

JUNE 21-24,  , 9am-12pm                                              JUNE 21-24, 1-4pm

JUNE 28-JULY 1, 1-4pm                                    JULY 5-8, 1-4pm

JULY 5-8, 9am-12pm,                                                      JULY 12-15,1-4pm

JULY 12-15, 9am-12 pm                                                 JULY 26-29, 1-4pm

JULY 19-22, 1-4pm                                            AUGUST 2-5, 1-4pm

JULY 26-29, 9am-12pm                                      AUGUST 16-19, 1-4pm

AUGUST 2-5, 9am-12pm                                                AUGUST 23-26, 1-4pm   

AUGUST 9-12, 1-4pm

AUGUST 16-19 9am-12pm

AUGUST 23-26, 9am-12pm

Next Post in 2 days!!

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